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Is KUDOS right for me?


We are pleased that you are interested in becoming a Kudos Licensee. We encourage you to learn more about our minimum qualifiers. If you believe you would be a fit for the Kudos community, please contact us today.

Must be a GHRA Member

Must be committed to serving our HEROES!

Frequently Asked Questions

No we do not, however we do have partners that can assist with financing.

Not at this time.

Because Store Conversion Program licensees maintain control of their building and land , they are responsible for some of their own building and land improvement costs during the conversion process, but they benefit from Kudos development team in the renovation of their store.

The following equipment is required at all stores:

  1. Bean to Cup Coffee
  2. 12 Head Fountain
  3. 4 Flavored FBD

The equipment required will vary according to the condition of the store and any existing equipment that may be present.

Yes. Our siter company GHRA Fuels can offer you unbranded fuel. We also have relationships with all major fuel brands and can accommodate your needs during conversion.

Yes. If you are a Kudos branded store and have unbranded fuel.

As soon as 4 months but can take up to 6 months.

The approximate, minimum square footage to be a Kudos is 1,000 square feet. Stores must have ample space to accommodate key merchandising offerings, for ex:  8 cold vault doors (non-alcoholic beverage), 12 head fountain w/ ice, 4 head Frozen Carbonated Beverage, etc. Additionally, stores will need to have ample space to execute all marketing, loyalty and social cause programs.

Stores can continue to offer their current foodservice program if it meets minimal quality, health, and safety standards. This will be determined during the initial assessment.

The Kudos food concept will be available to all remodeled stores starting in 2023. We suggest during the remodel process to make infrastructure accommodations to support the program if you are interested. The approximate square footage requirement for the food concept is 600 square feet (not including back of the house prep space: walk in cooler, freezer, etc.).

You can convert to a Kudos branded store while still maintaining your current fuel brand contract.

Yes. Some of the forecourt standards include:

  • 8 fueling stations (4 dispensers)
  • Fuel canopy
  • Credit card acceptance at the pump
  • EMV compliance.

All new, ground up Kudos stores (NTIs) will be required to use a specified POS & BOS solution from an authorized list.  Remodels will not need to convert if their existing technology is on the approved list, and can support designated capabilities, such as: loyalty platform, mobile coupon acceptance, 3rd party delivery, etc.

Kudos corporate team will support YOU in many areas, including:

  • Merchandise planogram sets
  • Promotions
  • POP and In-store Signage
  • Vendor programs and rebate opportunities
  • Loyalty program management & analytics.
  • Reimaging Project Management
  • Construction Management Services

Kudos will also provide training support in the areas of Foodservice, Customer Experience, and guidance of social cause activation – our key brand drivers. Our operations team will support every licensee to ensure they are successful in delivering Kudos’ high brand standards.

We expect all licensees to want to do their part in improving the lives of our customers and community. We expect all licensees to take an active role in our environmental and community enrichment programs.

Fill out the form below and someone from our Kudos Team will contact you.

Starting at Store 26:

There will be a one-time fee of $25,000 for existing locations and an ongoing fee of 1.5% and a royalty fee of 1% on total merchandise sales.

To be considered for development as a Kudos store, all potential sites must be submitted to our real estate development team, which will evaluate the site and, if appropriate, coordinate with the developer or landlord to develop the site. If you own or lease the site, our Store Conversion Program may allow you to convert the site.

An initial sign-up fee of $25,000 in addition to building and land improvements that will vary on a site-by-site basis.

Store Types

New Build

Develop a new store on real estate you own or lease.


Rebrand your existing location.

Read our licensing information to learn more!
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